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Journey Into Space (and back)

Journey Into Space (and back)

In space no one can hear you scream: especially if you've forgotten your space suit! How to get into space, how to survive space and how to get home safely for tea and medals

Interactive, immersive and can go anywhere!

Interactive, immersive and can go anywhere!

All our shows explore big ideas in fun, interactive and exciting ways.

We’ve performed at Big Bang Science Fairs, Camp Bestival, Swindon Fringe Festival and many other venues, large and small.

Suitable for a family audience you can bring Knapsack productions to your school, youth group, village hall, library, museum, festival...anywhere you can think of we’ll give it a go!

The Invisible Museum

The Invisible Museum

Join The Curator as she tries to work out how to fix her time-travel device. Explore the artifacts she has collected on her travels and find out about the people she has met.


We bring fully portable shows to any location


Our interactive workshops cover a variety subjects


We tailor our work to fit with your event


Science, education, SEN or arts for work with children

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Ask Paul about taking his well packed kit to the Houses of Parliament. "What's in the bag, sir?"...


Yep, we set fire to things.

Join in!

All our shows are interactive


Handle some amazing artifacts and get hands on with experiments

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Hello and welcome to Knapsack Productions. A brand new production company bringing high quality performances to a variety of venues.

We are proud to bring you productions which explore the big ideas, and transport them wherever you want them to go. From festivals to schools, from fayres to village halls, our productions are fully portable.

Hands on an interactive, you can expect our performances to wow you and engage you.

We also offer a range of workshops and training.

Get in touch and see what we can bring to you.

Where can you catch us this summer?

Well hello! This is Knapsack productions. We’re just getting going and wanted to share what we’re already up to over the coming months.

Both The Invisible Museum and Journey Into Space have got a busy time ahead, plus workshops and events themed around many areas of science, history and literature. Exciting times at Knapsack HQ!

As well as several private events, there are a few places you can catch us. The Invisible Museum is at Wells Theatre Festival on the 12th July.

Both Journey into Space and The Invisible Museum will be at Camp Bestival from the 25th – 28th July. Drop by the science tent and catch the shows.

Finally Journey into Space is going grown-up at Camp Wild Fire from the 30th August to the 2nd September. Don’t let the kids have all the fun!