In space no one can hear you scream, especially if your aren’t wearing a spacesuit and your capsule springs a leak, or is hit by a meteor, or burns up on re-entry, or any of the other terrible mishaps that could really put a dent in your plans for a weekend away on the moon.

Join Paul to explore how rockets get you into space, how spacesuits keep you alive, how you can survive re-entry and along the way avoid some of the other traps, disasters and toileting errors that the cosmos has waiting for you.  

Catch the show at…
  • Big Bang Westminster: 3rd July
  • Big Bang Sutton: 11th -13th July
  • Big Bang Luton: 17th July
  • Big Bang Eastern: 19th July
  • Calne Library: 20th July
  • Moonbury Rings: 21th July
  • Camp Bestival: 25th – 28th July
  • Camp Wild Fire: 30th August – 1st September
  • More dates coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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