Have you heard of the Invisible Museum? No? Well you may not have heard of the people whose stories are told in the Museum either. Join The Curator of the Museum as she unpacks the artifacts she has collected through history and tries to fix her time-travel device to get the objects back home.

Through interactive story-telling, hands on experiments and object handling, The Curator will take you on a journey through history. Take a fresh look at the past and discover the people who, despite their significant contributions, aren’t in the galleries, museums or history books.

A fun, exciting, interactive show for 7-11 year olds and their families, which reveals hidden voices throughout history.

Catch the show at…
  • Wells Theatre Festival: 12th July
  • Camp Bestival: 25th – 28th July
  • Calne Library: 31st August
  • Stroud Theatre Festival: 13 – 15th September
  • More dates coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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