Will’s World

Let Anne Hathaway bring Tudor England to life for you. An interactive workshop, including object handling, explorations of Shakespearean English and even a trip through London to The Globe. Add a drama exploration of a play of your choice.


Explore why astronauts wear specialist clothing through hands-on experiments and have a chance to try on a replica of the Sokol Pressure Suit worn by Tim Peake.

The lady with the lamp

Find out about Florence Nightingale’s life. Help her clean up the hospital at Scutari. Discover how her work influenced hospital practice, nursing and even mathematics.

Our Solar System

Ever wondered what a toilet roll has to do with the Solar System? Wonder no more. Let Paul take you through the history of the place we call home: our solar system.

Living book visits

Bring the character from a favourite book to life. Be enslaved into eternal winter by Jadis, Queen of Narnia or learn gobblefunk with one of your favourite Roald Dahl characters. An excellent activity for World Book Day or just to add excitement to literature study. Contact us to discuss characters

Fancy a visit from the past?

From phillosopher Hypatia of Alexandria, to architect, Nicholas Hawksmoor to Leonard Hussey, Shakelton’s weatherman, bring history to life with informative and interactive workshops.

Workshops we have ready to go:

Egyptology; Explorers and adventurers; Shakleton; Greek Philosophers; The Great Fire of London

Get in touch if there is something you’d like us to create specifically for you.

Feedback from our workshops

The children were really buzzing when you finished.  It was great.

Feedback for Anglo-Saxons Workshop
Rachel (Teacher)

Thank you so much for that. Has provoked a lot of reflection and debate which is great!

Feedback for Greek Philosophers Workshop
Laura (Year 6 Teacher)

All our shows are available virtually

Our digital shows and workshops came about because of Covid-19, but even as restrictions are lifting, they are a great way to save costs (we don’t have to travel), time (no need to get us in and out of the hall) and get more than one class experiencing the show at the same time – even across split site schools or academy chains. All our workshops are adaptable into virtual versions – and so are several of our shows. Why not get us into your school via the wonders of technology!